The Resources Box

Maths Counts Resources Box

The Maths Counts Resources Box helps to create a number rich learning environment which is constant but can be moved around easily. The resources replicate those available in class maths lessons and introduce a few less familiar models and images that help make learning more exciting and interesting for learners most at risk of not meeting age related expectations.

Every school taking part in Maths Counts will receive a fully stocked Maths Counts Resource Box.

Resource Box Contents

Numicon* x 1 box
Bead string x 1
Number cards 0 – 100
Dienes Base 10
Treasure Coins
Digit Cards
Place Value (arrow) cards – Thousands/Hundreds/Tens/Ones
Table Top number line (x1)
0-9 dice (x4)
Stationary set (shop)
Bus board Baseboard
Dienes Calculation board with coins
Treasure chests x 6
Array board
* Numicon is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press
Maths Counts resources box

“The mini environment boards are great for each child.  Their resources are on hand.  The first thing my learner does is get her board, and set up her area.”  Learning Partner

“The mini environment boards are useful for focusing attention and help manage distractions – even noisy ones!”  Learning Partner