Maths Counts, a new maths intervention for children in Key Stage 2

Welcome to Maths Counts

Welcome to this exciting new programme to support children as they embark on a journey to change their perception of mathematics.  Carefully selected learners will work through a series of manageable learning steps, tackling mathematical challenges whilst developing the skill of ‘learning to learn’.   Working with a Learning Partner, and using a bespoke Maths Counts digital application and Resources Box, learners will be supported to develop a deep understanding and ownership of their maths learning journey.  They will be encouraged to face challenge with confidence and self-assurance, becoming resilient in the face of difficulty as they learn to love maths!

These four key attributes are an essential part of the Maths Counts programme.
Making connections
Developing resilience
Learning to love maths!


The Mead Community Primary School, Trowbridge, has been awarded a grant by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) to develop, trial and implement a maths intervention for children in Key Stage 2.  This is a wide-ranging programme of support that brings together years of experience in one-to-one intensive maths support.   Maths Counts is supported and resourced by a online application which contains lessons, resources, ideas, feedback and motivation to be accessed by the child, Learning Partner, Lead Teacher and parents.

The Digital Tool

The Maths Counts ‘tool’ is a one-stop-shop digital application that has been populated with new National Curriculum content, setting out a progression of knowledge, skills and understanding in small achievable steps.  It has been specifically designed to appeal to children and will allow their Learning Partners to access a range of relevant learning resources and lessons to support each learning objective.  Evidence of learning can be easily uploaded in the form of documents, photographs, video clips or other media.

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“I have enjoyed Maths Counts a lot.  I don’t want it to stop ever.  It’s the best!”  Year 3 learner